Biggest Property Investing Trends of 2017

property investing trends of 2017, biggest property investing trends, 2017 property investing market

Well, Donald Trump is President across the pond. While it came as a surprise to many, being that he is a real estate magnate, most investors will be pleased that at least one of their own is at the helm of a world super power and that maybe, that means that he will look to create more favourable property investment policies that will reverberate around the globe such as abolishing inheritance/death taxes and the like.

But whether or not that comes to pass, 2017 still has some serious investment trends that any savvy property mogul would do well to pay close attention to throughout the year.

Germany and the Nordics have taken over

Thanks to the shaky political atmosphere within the continent and that whole issue around Brexit, many investors are now trying to find safe havens to invest their money. As it turns out, Germany and a great deal of the Nordics are leading the pack on this front. Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich are still very lucrative markets that offer investors stability and reliable returns.

Technology is determining traffic now

property investing trends of 2017, biggest property investing trends, 2017 property investing marketTraditional ways of advertising and finding property are all but gone now. Today, the very first places people would go to find anything is online. Homeowners and property developers have been forced to embrace this and now, there are different ways of advertising properties.

We have slowly started seeing property owners who use drones to shoot videos of their properties and upload them online to virtually showcase them around the world. This is the trend now and different forms of digital advertising are determining how people lease, occupy, sell, buy and even value property.

Socio-demographic changes are here to stay

In the past, developers and property investors focused on building homes, offices and shopping malls. Today, however, more and more developers are looking to build leisure facilities, healthcare facilities and holistic homes as opposed to just industrial spaces, retail facilities and offices. It is more about sharing space and providing people with that ‘space’ as a form of service.

Untapped opportunities are being discovered

Places such as Outback Australia, Indonesia, and Vietnam are all coming to the forefront now. Investors have started realising that there lies good value in investing in such places. Although they may not be exactly the dream most people have when thinking of investment opportunities because they are not as lucrative as Paris, London and Hong Kong, these places are still experiencing exponential economic and population growth which can only mean one thing – amazing opportunities for ROI for any investor smart and patient enough to invest wisely here.

These trends are constantly changing and as a savvy investor, you need to stay up to date with what is going on in the market. Even though these are some of the biggest property investing trends of 2017, the year is still young and more will definitely come up and present wonderful investment opportunities for those who are ready.

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